QGreenland Beta Package

Community input is critical for creating a valuable, usable QGreenland tool. We've created this QGreenland beta package (v0.18.0) to facilitate developer-user dialogue. 

Download & Explore:

  • Ensure that you have QGIS version 3.10 or later installed on your computer. 
  • Download the QGreenland beta package: qgreenland.apps.nsidc.org/v0.18.0 (download is password protected). The password is available by contacting us. You can also find it in this news alert. Also sign up for the newsletter to be sure to receive similar access information in the future.
  • After downloading, unzip and save the folder in a location of your choice.
  • Open the folder and open the 'qgreenland.qgs' file to open QGreenland. QGIS will open automatically and display the QGreenland data environment. A few data files have already been included in the package. Headings for other suggested data categories also appear, but do not yet include data.

Provide Comment to Improve QGreenland:

  • Submit your comments via email or online form.
  • Consider these questions:
    • What data categories would you like included?
    • What specific data sets would be useful?
    • How should we determine the boundaries for spatial extent?
    • Was the package easy to download and open?
    • What resources will make it easy for you to use QGreenland in the future?
  • Thank you! Community input is vital for QGreenland development.

QGreenland is Open Source

QGreenland development is open source and available on Github: github.com/nsidc/qgreenland. What does this mean for you?

  • Advanced users can use this open source information to create your own QGreenland package. This could include different styles and new layers, including your own new data.
  • Follow along with development of QGreenland and suggest improvements along the way.